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Exceeding Your Expectations


At CricKingdom, we provide an organized training framework designed to foster holistic development in cricketers. Our programs are crafted to cater to the needs of every student, encouraging growth both on and off the pitch.


Our academies boast a select panel of certified professional coaches dedicated to nurturing talent. We maintain a low coach-to-student ratio to ensure personalized training, maximizing each student’s potential.


CricKingdom is equipped with premier facilities. From professional cricket nets and durable cricket balls to well-maintained grounds and high-quality equipment and apparel, our goal is to offer the best in all aspects of cricket training.


Our in-house store serves both professional and amateur cricketers, providing a comprehensive range of cricket equipment that aligns with the latest trends in the sport.


To support the development of promising cricketers, CricKingdom offers sponsorship programs. These initiatives are designed to facilitate seamless and uninterrupted training for talented individuals.


CricKingdom is a game-changing platform that connects cricket fans, including players, coaches, students, academics, and facilities, to form a seamless and integrated ecosystem that promotes engagement, interaction, learning, and transaction. We provide quality and standardized cricket coaching at the grassroots level by eliminating inefficiencies and barriers, while also ensuring a safe and enjoyable learning experience. Our priority is to provide high-performance cricket programs and to foster an environment where coaches, athletes, and teams can excel. CricKingdom is dedicated to giving back to the game by providing a platform for individuals to showcase their talent and develop their skills. We provide a one-stop solution with high-quality solutions for coaching, facilities, equipment, leasing, tournament participation, and other cricket-related needs.

Presently, our operations are in Singapore, Japan, USA, and India specifically in schools. Our global cricket academies are expanding at a dynamic pace and our operations will soon commence in Bangladesh. We focus on running during-school and after-school exclusive cricket programs. We believe that schools are the best place to start any sport to make it an integral part of anyone’s career.


CricKingdom’s Centre of Excellence stands at the forefront of cricket training, delivering unparalleled facilities that set the standard in the industry. Here, we combine elite coaching expertise, a cutting-edge curriculum, and advanced technological support with specialized strength and conditioning programs designed to build champions. Our commitment is to not only improve the skill set of each athlete but to nurture and develop some of the finest talents in the sport. We are dedicated to celebrating cricket through our comprehensive approach, encouraging athletes to reach their fullest potential while promoting the spirit of the game across our nation.

Step up your cricket game with exclusive training opportunities alongside global pros. Elevate your skills and be part of growing the sport in the U.S. Explore a world of possibilities with us.

  • Details on coaching programs, summer camps, private sessions & more coming soon! Stay Tuned!
  • Details on coaching programs, summer camps, private sessions & more coming soon! Stay Tuned!
  • Details on coaching programs, summer camps, private sessions & more coming soon! Stay Tuned!